Here’s how an SEO consultancy boosts CRO

While generating traffic through marketing strategies such as SEO, social media, and paid searches are highly beneficial, they are not an assurance that a site’s visitors will carry out the most necessary action, which is to convert to customers. CRO or conversion rate optimization is a vital element of any online marketing strategy. The digital world abounds with options and other diversions, and CRO is the process of attracting the attention of visitors and driving them within the reach of the goal. CRO is a marketing strategy designed to maximize profit and enhance user experience. Consequently, a website becomes more authoritative, conveying accurate information to its visitors and facilitating effortless navigation. A well-optimized website has a large percentage of its visitors converting to customers. CRO is a process of adjusting specific elements of a website to enhance the user’s experience enough to turn them into buying customers.  It increases the number of visitors to the site who perform necessary actions such as subscribe to the company’s mailing list or fill out forms that include their personal information, and more.

The process involved in CRO is no easy task. However, going about it the correct way with a professional SEO consultancy firm offers advantages that are much more than building up conversion rates. Through CRO, a website is refined, boosting ad campaign results, and gaining quality leads that are more likely to convert into customers. CRO is especially beneficial for business websites that face stiff competition regularly, and improved user experiences are more crucial than anything else. 

The link between CRO and SEO

SEO or search engine optimization works to help a website gain a high ranking on search engine results. It is obviously an essential strategy. For starters, a higher ranking generates more traffic to a website, builds up awareness for a specific brand, and increases the business ROI. In the same manner, CRO is just as vital for much the same reasons. When visitors don’t convert, the business is not sustainable. The bottom line is that people need to purchase the products or services offered by the company. If not, the amount of traffic is irrelevant for the business. The primary objective of CRO is to assess and make adjustments or changes to a landing page and ensure that more of its traffic makes purchases. The link between CRO and SEO is evident. SEO makes it possible to drive more traffic to a website, and CRO works on converting a large portion of this traffic into paying customers. 

For a professional SEO consultancy, both SEO and CRO work together in unison. Although a website has a lot of traffic, without conversions, it is useless. In the same manner, a landing page that is conversion-optimized without traffic to convert is ineffectual too. They are both crucial for any business to succeed. Below are some of the methods used by an SEO consultancy to boost CRO and increase search engine rankings at the same time.

Decrease the time it takes for the page to load

There are two reasons why the loading speed of a page is significant. Firstly, a page that takes time to load impacts its ranking. This is because search engines like Google consider the loading time of a page as a ranking factor. If the loading speed is slow, its ranking suffers. Additionally, slow loading speed increases a website’s bounce rate and impacts its ranking even more. A slow-loading page impacts the conversion rate as well. Users are impatient and do not wait on a website that takes a little over a few seconds to open. With all of the other options available online offering similar products or services, there is no reason for them to wait. Each second counts and as those seconds pass, the chances of visitors abandoning the page altogether increases. For an SEO consultancy, loading speed is a crucial factor in boosting CRO and SEO alike.

Produce more high-quality content

Many successful online business owners have gotten into content marketing. Others may not have tried it yet. Nevertheless, a company would do well to invest in creating high-quality content to come up with an exceptional landing page that search engines like Google acknowledge and rank highly. On the whole, it is best to create more content that is preferably longer. Contrary to what most people believe, online users and search engines prefer comprehensive, high-quality content rather than short bits of information that offer no value. Of course, it is just as essential to keep things straightforward and easily understandable for anyone who browses through it. Content is the heart of a website that contains everything anyone needs to know about the people behind it and what they offer. Creating the type of content that is in-depth and offers relevant information to visitors shows authority and credibility. They learn how to trust the site and learn more with the content they read and see, increasing the chances of conversions.

Make content shareable

It would help to get visitors to share the website’s content. If visitors cannot share, the business loses a lot of opportunities to convert more people. Shareability also boosts SEO. With more shares, traffic increases, and so do sales. Thus, it spells out an increase in ROI and success in a company’s overall marketing strategies. Content is created not only for people to read and see but for them to share it. Still, it is not as easy for people to share content with others. It must not only have every quality it takes to be interesting and engaging, but it must also be simple to share. Share buttons can be included to make it easy for visitors to share content with whoever they wish to share it with.

Professionally designed website

Web design is another vital factor that boosts CRO. While utilizing free templates is the quickest way to go about it, a customized web design is in the company’s best interest. It must be appealing for a website to attract visitors in the first place. Poorly-designed websites reflect the people behind them and how they conduct business. There are many elements in developing an excellent website that boosts CRO, which calls for professional services. It is a worthy investment.

For any business, the bottom line is having people purchase their products or services. Partnering with an SEO consultancy firm is beneficial for a company to boost its CRO and draw closer to achieving its goal.