If you are looking for a good portfolio for your cryptocurrencies, I present Damecoins.

I am not migrating from portfolios but one day I decided to investigate the cateras that it offers in the market and I was with Coinbase because I thought it was one of the best and that paid the best Here as you can see in the image Damecoin is the wallet that pays the best.


If you already know her you will know that what I say is true and if you have not yet entered her page or you still had questions, you can review it on your own since it is free and the best thing, they have an excellent team that attends you 24/7 at through a chat and in any language. Try my advice in this article is that you do not believe everything you read but go in and check https://damecoins.com/


Here you have the direct link for your registration https://damecoins.com/signup

It’s simple, you only need your machine, be it a laptop, pc, mac, iphone or andorid, and you’re ready to start managing your coins.

With Damecoin, the process is very simple, only three steps and that’s it, you just register to have your own portfolio with them and that’s it, follow these 3 steps: Purchase, Receives, Sell.

You will see that it is very simple, I recommend that you visit it, apart from offering a gateway service in case you are interested and the variety of currencies that ees basatnet have applies as well as the cards that aceotas as a payment method.

Its interface within the cratera is very friendly, this means that your transactions can be monitored very well.


If we see the amount of coins they have, you will see that it is an excellent option, perhaps later they will end up giving their own opinion but I use it and I recommend it. Create your account

Anywhere on the page you can get the option to register for free so that you can create your account.


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